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Blood Music - Blood Music EP

Recommended by us on 7th June 2013. 2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Blood Music EP by Blood Music
  • 12" vinyl £8.69 £6.69 + £2.70 shipping, based on your current cart
  • Ltd red vinyl 12" on Diagonal in screen printed PVC sleeve (DIAG003)
  • Artist: Blood Music
  • Label: Diagonal
  • Genres: Electronic, Post-Punk
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8/10 according to on Fri 07 Jun, 2013

Arriving at 2.30 on a Friday afternoon, this EP nearly didn’t get reviewed at all but Phil insisted it was one we should listen to so here goes. On Rare Earth there’s a patient krauty beat’n’drone situation which reminds me of Beak> and chugging glacial guitars with nonchalant almost Kim Gordon-esque vocal delivery, making for a track which coldly builds tension in an effective modern way while still nodding back at past giants like Joy Division and SY.

The glassy skittering walls of guitar they conjure up, particularly on A-side ‘Rare Earth Materia’, bring to mind late ‘70s/early ‘80s NY types like Rhys Chatham and Theoretical Girls so I’m gratified to read in the press release that Chatham (in whose guitar orchestra I was recently lucky enough to play) and Branca are influences ‘cause it means they’re getting what they’re going for. Both sides end on a locked groove. This is kind of a goth/post-punk take on that, I guess. If you’re into the likes of The KVB or GHXST you should definitely have a listen.

Press release

John Cage once stepped into an anechoic chamber expecting to hear silence. Instead, he heard the low-end throb of his own blood pulsing through his body. This is the story that gave Blood Music, the first new act on Diagonal, their name. It’s an appropriate one too: Simon Pomery, the creative lead and only ever-present member of the band, strikes his guitar with screwdrivers, mallets and his own bare fists, frequently putting real blood into the Blood Music that spits violently from the band.

Pomery is the project’s creative lead and only ever-present member. In its live 2013 guise he is joined by Jordan Cunningham, who mans the bass and a table of DIY electronics, and Kenichi Iwasa, who hammers out taiko rhythms himself and, when he has a hand free, setsthe course for the drum machine that propels the music forwards.

For Blood Music EP though, Pomery performed everything himself. The result is a 12” of brute physical force, with guitars reminiscent of 'Confusion Is Sex' era Sonic Youth and the ‘Guitar Orchestras’ of Branca and Chatham. The propeller pulse of machines recalls the percussive drive of Marty Rev, and the drumming echoes the phasing patterns of Steve Reich, but beyond that, this music stands alone as something distinct — something visceral, violent and, above all, uncompromising.

The record owes a huge debt to Tobin Jones at Park Studios, whose love, dedication and craft can be heard between 30 and 20K Hz. 

Blood Music are the first new act on Diagonal following the first two EPs from label founder Powell.



A1 Rare Earth Material  /  A2 Infinite Process 1

B1 Speak Like Violence  /  B2 Infinite Process 2

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