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Pilote - The Slowdown

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The Slowdown by Pilote
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  • CD on Micro Spiral (MSPIRAL003CD)
  • Artist: Pilote
  • Label: Micro Spiral
  • Genres: Electronica / IDM
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Press release

Esteemed electronic producer, Stuart Cullen, returns with the sixth full-length Pilote release "The Slowdown" - an 11-track psychedelic-electro-bluegrass-pop explosion and a hymn to the joys of living life leisurely. Through over a decade of releases on labels such as Domino, Certificate 18, Phonobox and Throwing Snow's highly acclaimed A Future Without imprint, Pilote has become a firm favourite amongst the likes of Rob Da Bank, Nick Luscombe and many others. 2010 saw Mr Cullen relocate to the wilds of North Somerset, shifting the focus of his sound from traditional "programmed" electronica to a more live feel, incorporating traditional blues, folk and bluegrass stylings alongside the beats, bleeps and bass, whilst retaining the healthy pop sensibility and playful feel which has been a Pilote trademark over the years. The result is "The Slowdown." The instantly anthemic ‘DBS’ kicks off the album as it sets the tone with folk roots, delightful melodies and a warm sub bass. ‘Shapeshifter Blues’ then takes over, with its jittery beats and utterly infectious whistle. The quirky ‘Lesson 51’ is a spoken word jaunt that will leave you with more questions than answers?!?!?!?

We then go for a ‘Sixth Street Ramble’ - a banjo driven melodic folk number that sinks in deeply. "Lady Laudanum" is an acid waltz classic, complete with chiming pop guitar lines and a dreamy backwards vocal refrain. It is then time to explore a revolution of consciousness with "Me And Timothy Leary." ‘You’re Only As Cold As You Feel’ is a momentary drift away into the haunting stills of ambience. ‘Before You Fall Down’ closes the LP, which sees the journey completed with a track that shows us both Pilote ‘past and present’ in what is a grand and epic conclusion! Rumour has it that this may well be the final album from Pilote! If such stories are fact, then this is a significant high note to end on. A truly complete work that bears more rewards the more it is listened to. This memorable LP is an ideal campfire soundtrack, a perfect accompaniment to any festival and a necessity for any time when you need to ‘Slowdown.’  


1. DBS  2. Shapeshifter Blues  3. Lesson 51 (A Tailchaser's Waltz)  4. The Sixth Street Ramble  5. Lady Laudanum  6. Me And Timothy Leary  7. Foggy Paddock Backstep  8. You’re Only As Cold As You Feel  9. Eight Bar Lullaby  10. Paramour  11. Before You Fall Down (feat. Dusty Stray)


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