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The Breeders - LSXX (Last Splash 20th Anniversary Edition)

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LSXX (Last Splash 20th Anniversary Edition) by The Breeders.  Vinyl Deluxe LP box set, CD box set.
  • Vinyl Deluxe LP box set £82.49
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  • 3 x LP and 4 x 10" box set on 4AD, Awesomely sexy and velvety! (DAD3308)
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  • CD box set £19.79
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  • 3CD set on 4AD (CAD3308CD)
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7/10 according to on 29th January 2014

This is a beautiful object. The box has velvet on it, and its pretty sturdy. Not sure how it'll cope when the cat inevitably pukes on it, but for now I'm keeping it just below the TV so I have something to look at every time clarkson, widecome, boris johnson, that UKIP idiot, or some other such repugnant figure comes on. Inside, the packaging is beautiful too, and the booklet is worth a read. I kind of wish they'd slipped a DVD in here too, as the booklet mentions videos a lot, and it'd be nice to have them to look at rather than having to look them up on internet. If you didn't like Last Splash the first time, then you shouldn't be allowed out on your own. Also, you won't find anything on here to change your mind. The number of people who actually need this many versions of divine hammer and cannonball are going to be pretty limited... This made a lovely christmas present, but there's nothing on any of the auxiliary discs that really stands out.

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LSXX (Last Splash 20th Anniversary Edition) by The Breeders. Vinyl Deluxe LP box set. DAD3308.

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LSXX (Last Splash 20th Anniversary Edition) by The Breeders. CD box set. CAD3308CD.

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