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James Yorkston - Spanish Ants Remixes EP

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Spanish Ants Remixes EP by James Yorkston.  Vinyl 10
  • Vinyl 10" £10.99
  • Ltd 10" on unknown label in screen-printed sleeve. Edition of 200 copies - ONE PER CUSTOMER (DEFDOM1)
  • Sold out, sorry!
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6/10 according to on Wed 03 Apr, 2013

It’s probably worth drawing your attention to this limited 10” in case you’ve not clocked it. There’s a measly 200 copies to go around and it comes in a screenprinted sleeve with a picture of a moggy on it. I’m not entirely sure how much these remixes will appeal to your average Yorkston fan but it’s always good to broaden your horizons, right?

OnTheFly actually do a cover version as opposed to a remix unless they’ve got some magic plugin that makes James’s vocal sound like a girl. It’s kinda in the deep house spectrum of indie dance music I would say. Seamus Fogarty re-mangles ‘Kath With Rhoades’ with tin-pan/ kitchen sink clattering and looped guitar incorporating snippets of the original vocal. Flipside has a mix from Pictish Trail which retains original vocal, making it a wee bit dancey with some bleepy electronics and then a big old rump shaking bassline enters the brew. Finally Zoon Van Snook focus on the melancholy turning in a mix that has a dreamy and experimental edge combined with the vocals makes me think of Radiohead.

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Spanish Ants Remixes EP by James Yorkston. Vinyl 10". DEFDOM1.

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