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Kavinsky - Outrun

Recommended by us on 28th February 2013. 13 people love me. Be the 14th...

Outrun by Kavinsky
  • Vinyl LP £17.09 + £2.70 shipping, based on your current cart
  • OST LP on Record Makers (REC86)
  • Artist: Kavinsky
  • Label: Record Makers
  • Genres: Soundtracks
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  • Vinyl LP £23.79 + £2.70 shipping, based on your current cart
  • Limited numbered LP + Hardcover vinyl book on Record Makers (REC86LTD)
  • Artist: Kavinsky
  • Label: Record Makers
  • Genres: Soundtracks
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(2 reviews) 10/10


9/10 according to on Thu 28 Feb, 2013

French synth-house wizard Kavinsky has been circling the block in his Ferrari Testarossa for several years now, sizing up the scene and honing his super-slick chops to perfection until now, finally, seven years after his debut EP, his debut full-length is finally here in the office for us to whack our ears around (although we’re still waiting on the fancy deluxe version at the time of writing).

As you would expect from one of the men behind the universally acclaimed ‘Drive’ soundtrack, this is a record full of crisp synthpop with fat beats and bright, soaring tones, arranged with an epic attention to detail which makes for the kind of record that makes you feel like a king wandering around with it on your headphones or even better blasting it from your car. Kavinsky takes the neon future-electro kick of Daft Punk or Justice and mixes in the phat sleaziness of hip-hop (particularly when he incorporates rappers like in ‘Suburbia’) and some Vangelis/Jean-Michel Jarre-esque pure synth worship.

If I have a complaint it’s that by the end perhaps the extreme polish can make it seem a bit plasticky and homogenous in places, but this guy has a clearly defined style of his own and he pulls it off with no small amount of cool. You’ll probably be able to impress girls with it.

10/10 according to on 13th November 2013

For me it has to be one of the best vinyls I have ever bought. I have shared this with my friends and they all are amazed how awesome this album is. It makes you rob a bank in the middle of the rainy night and you feel good while you are doing this.

First when I opened it, I was really surprised that it has hardcover (not soft cover like usually - and i realized it's limited edition version so that is really something here), secondly I realized why it has the hardcover - it's basically a book - with pages filled with art from the movie that soundtrack it never was. Of course there are some extra "postcards" inside the first sleeve too - don't know what is the main purpose for those but I guess they can be butted on the wall etc.

The whole album sounds amazing as well it looks. No pops or crackles. I never heard any distortion, sibilance or inner groove problems either. This thing was pressed perfectly. This is one that I’ll be dropping on my turntable frequently.


Press release

How could we talk about Kavinsky without evoking the movie that introduced his music to the general public ? Dazzling success of the independant film industry of the last couple of years, Drive is the kind of movies in which the soundctrack takes a front seat role. As in his previous realisations, Nicolas Winding Refn took great care, with the help of Cliff Martinez (former drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers), to select the tracks that would feature in his latest movie. It’s in this way he picked Nightcall for the opening scene, and we soon cannot tell anymore if the music responds to the picture or the contrary.

There’s no need to point out that the world of Kavinsky and the atmosphere of Drive have a lot more in common. Highly influenced by the silver screen (he started his career as an actor, including in Quentin Dupieux’s Steak or Bouli Lanners’ Novorama), the musician explained in one of his rare interviews that image and narration are an integral part of his creative process. Thus, when he released his first EP « Teddy Boy » in 2006, the scene was already set : in  a neo-noir Los Angeles, the character of Kavinsky perishes in a tragic car accident in 1986. Reimbodied into a zombie, the boy wanders at night tearing up the track at the wheel of a Ferrari Testarossa. Pursuing his girlfriend, he scoffs at the cops, helps old ladies to cross the street and beats up the bad guys in a John Carpenter-ish modern tale of love and loss in which Giorgio Moroder meets Terminator.

Before being revealed to the greatest audience through the success of Nightcall, Kavinsky released various EPs which aroused an enthousiastic suspense among the french electro music sphere.  Remixed again and again by leading artists of the scene like Mr Oizo, Arpanet, A-Trak, Sebastian, Justice, Jackson or Breakbot, he was chosen by the Daft Punk to open their world tour Alive in 2007, alongside Sebastian, The Rapture and Klaxons. But their kinship doesn’t end there, as Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, half of the robots duo, engineered the production of the melancholic and hypnotic Nightcall, to which Lovefoxxx from the band CSS lend her voice in 2010. Kavinsky’s tracks featured many ads and video games, as Testarossa Autodrive in « GTA IV », Road Game for Mercedes-Benz and « Hitman Absolution » or Odd Look for BMW.

While the buzz surrounding Kavinsky is at its peak with 30 million views on Youtube for his biggest hit, his lifelong label Record Makers announced in november the imminent release of his first album « Outrun » to be launched in march 2013. A long-awaited records which promises to be packed with featurings.

The album features 13 tracks including 8 previously unreleased and some reworks. From the first notes, we can hear Paul Hahn (manager of Daft Punk) recounting an introduction to the adventures of Kavinsky. Warm and electric, Blizzard makes its entrance and sets the tone before allowing Protovision  to take its place, which with its nervous and synthetic melody was the first excerpt of « Outrun » that whas released on an EP and whose videoclip came out in december as a teaser for the album. Then arrives Odd Look, the first vocal song of the record, which unveils a mysterious funky voice that can remind the groove of Marvin Gayer or Prince. It’s then Rampage‘s turn to take us with its menacing orchestral atmosphere ; after what comes the persuasive beat of Suburbia on which notorious Havoc from Mobb Deep lent his voice. The upgraded version of Testarossa Autodrive confirms the efficacity of this unstoppable melody, and it’s at this point we find Nightcall again, the famous ballad produced by Guy-Manuel from Daft Punk and featuring Lovefoxxx from CSS. Dead Cruiser arrives then, muscled yet melancholic, followed by Grand Canyon which takes us with its electrical ritournelle. The voice of Tyson, the new funk revelation from UK, transformed the instrumental First Blood into a génuine hit. The rythmic and melodious Road Game leads us to Endless, which gently closes this long-awaited revealing first opus, with as a conclusion a narrated epilogue by Paul Hahn again.


A1: Prelude

A2: Blizzard

A3: ProtoVision

A4: Odd Look

A5: Rampage

A6: Suburbia

A7: Testarossa Autodrive

B1: Nightcall

B2: Deadcruiser

B3: Grand Canyon

B4: First Blood

B5: Roadgame

B6: Endless

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