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Ultrademon - Step Into Liquid

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Step Into Liquid by Ultrademon
  • 12" vinyl £6.59 + £2.70 shipping, based on your current cart
  • 12" on Fire For Effect inc. Dave Monolith Remix (FFE001EP)
  • Artist: Ultrademon
  • Label: Fire For Effect
  • Genres: Electronic
  • Available for you to buy, but we need to order it in first.

Press release


* The title track from this EP was first aired on BBC Radio 1’s ‘In DJ’s We Trust” session  by Toddla T, at the start of 2012. Now finally hitting the shops, we’ll let you decide if it’s 80BPM or 160 BPM, if this new genre of ‘Seapunk’ is closer to breakbeat, house, electro, techno or dubstep. 

* The record also sees Rephlex’s Dave Monolith stepping in for remix duties on the flipside, as well as a couple of extra tracks unlisted on the label. The record is manufactured at Portal Space in UK, one of only 2 plants remaining that use virgin vinyl as well as removing metalwork by vacuum machine.
* Formed the band ‘Josephine Collective’ at 16. Signed to Warner Bros. Records at 17 and left to take off on his own at 18. That’s the banging credit openings of music producer and DJ, formerly known as Fire for Effect, now Ultrademon; real nameAlbert Redwine.

* Now working at The Center For The Advancement Of Transmodern Awareness, studying at Vocaloid School prior to that; Musically trained in piano, the Kansas-born and now Chicago-based Ultrademon is leading the current and controversial ‘Seapunk’ movement, which emerged from a dream his friend once had. Over the years and in rapid fashion,the frontman’s positive vision of trans-humanism and heightening awareness through music via ‘Seapunk’ has amassed a loyal and cult legion of followers both online and in real life.

* His ocean-themed digital paradise philosophy continues with his own imprint, Coral Records Internazionale, which was formed in September 2011 as a way to transform the flotsam and jetsam of the digital electronic underground into something more physically permanent. Its music less DJ oriented but still payinghomage to the roots of electronic dance music.

As a producer, Ultrademon excels in liquid house, techno and bass music drenched in a myriad sea of textures, with liberal drops of acid, anime, 8-bit, conscious referential samples and an unmistakable, individualistic positivity. His prolific output at his young age includes tracks for electro-disco outfit, Ssion ‘Credit in the Straight World’ and ‘Earthquake’ off their Bent album (2011) and releases on labels as varied as Midnight Shift and Coral Records Internazionale, as well as remixes for Anamanaguchi, Gosteffects, and Unicorn Kid. His music is at the same time both current of its time, yet timeless, showing a breathless depth and breadth in music yet with a disregard for archaic formulas.

* Somewhere between the shore and the sea, part enigmatic part ethereal, the iconic figure that is Ultrademon is now currently working to release a full-length album in early 2013, apart from that its project details still under wraps.


 A1 Step Into Liquid
A2 Yr Own Personal Demon
B1 Step Into Liquid (Monolith Remix)
B2 The Bayou



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