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Ekoplekz - Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 2

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Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 2 by Ekoplekz.  Vinyl LP.
  • Vinyl LP £12.19
  • LP on Punch Drunk (DRUNK029)
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9/10 according to on Fri 05 Oct, 2012

I honestly can’t think of an artist right now who’s output is so prolific and yet is consistently of the highest quality. I try to keep up with every Ekoplekz release I possibly can and I’m yet to be even remotely disappointed. What’s remarkable about his sound is that his influences are well documented (he wears them approximately half way up his sleeve) yet the final product is startlingly original which is basically a contradiction. I don’t understand it, It must be magic. He just has his own very distinctive sound.

I caught wind of this release a couple of weeks ago when I got the Ekoplekz newsletter (sign up folks as the last edition  had a link to a download to a wicked live set) in my inbox and I’ve been dying to hear it ever since as the first installment was bloody ace. Well he’s gone and done it again, this man is stealing food from my children. It’s one dark brooding record too; full of industrial dystopian dubscapes.

One track makes me imagine a metal works in the future manned by rasta aliens with cyber dreads smoking massive alien spliffs while molten metal travels along coveyer belts. Bleak and eerie future dub of the highest order. Easily the darkest spooked Ekoplekz transmission to date.

The terror comes not with in your face aggro noise but with creepy insectoid bleeps, murmurs and infinite effects leaving trails of gloom and paranoia. Imagine Wolf Eyes jamming at Channel One and you’re part way there. I’d kill to hear this on the Iration Steppas sound system.

Oh and hats off to Punch Drunk for embracing Nick Edwards’ vision and not just chucking out a load of generic “Bass Music” fodder. Buy on sight.


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Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 2 by Ekoplekz. Vinyl LP. DRUNK029.

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