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Park Avenue Music - For Your Home Or Office

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For Your Home Or Office by Park Avenue Music.  CD.
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8/10 according to on Fri 21 Sep, 2012

Oh this is nice, wondrously sparkling electronica just like your Mum used to make (Mum geddit?). It’s full of soft-as-lace Rhodes piano-like trills with skittery micro-beats and dog friendly high pitched female vocals that recall the Mum lady or Stina Nordenstam. ‘Golden Hummingbird’ has an oddball vocal waver but still manages to recall a The xx completely given over to electronic noodling.

I’m reminded of the excellent Conquering Animal Sound album of a couple of years ago in that everything is chopped into a million pieces and often sounding like the CD has broken (which to be honest due to my useless CD player most of my records sound like anyway). As well as the album we get a bonus bunch of remixes from the likes of Aus, Geskia, Ametsub and many, many more. Beautifully packaged in an oversized CD style fold-out thing.

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For Your Home Or Office by Park Avenue Music. CD. mnc012.

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