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Sister Chain & Brother John - The Androgyne Show

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The Androgyne Show by Sister Chain & Brother John.  Vinyl LP.
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8/10 according to on Wed 28 Mar, 2012

I'm not quite sure I'm ready for Parlour Punk. I mean wtf dude? Streampunk is hard enough to deal with but a Victorian punk themed duo?!? Nah. Well, Berlin based Sister Chain & Brother John are on to record number two now so someone must be listening and, if I'm honest, this is pretty decent if you can get the Parlour Punk image out of your head. The majority of this stuff brings to mind the stripped back minimalist punk approach of The Cramps performed by French-Canadian duo Vialka. If they're not buddies I'd be very surprised. Anyway, if Victorian glam cabaret is your schtick this is going to blow your frickin' mind. Everything about this record is olde style, from the four-track production to the sleeve photo, shot with an 1860s camera and developed with cyanide on glass plates. Yowza!

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The Androgyne Show by Sister Chain & Brother John. Vinyl LP. DHLP002.

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