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Sister Chain & Brother John - The Androgyne Show

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The Androgyne Show by Sister Chain & Brother John
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  • Artist: Sister Chain & Brother John
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8/10 according to on Wed 28 Mar, 2012

I'm not quite sure I'm ready for Parlour Punk. I mean wtf dude? Streampunk is hard enough to deal with but a Victorian punk themed duo?!? Nah. Well, Berlin based Sister Chain & Brother John are on to record number two now so someone must be listening and, if I'm honest, this is pretty decent if you can get the Parlour Punk image out of your head. The majority of this stuff brings to mind the stripped back minimalist punk approach of The Cramps performed by French-Canadian duo Vialka. If they're not buddies I'd be very surprised. Anyway, if Victorian glam cabaret is your schtick this is going to blow your frickin' mind. Everything about this record is olde style, from the four-track production to the sleeve photo, shot with an 1860s camera and developed with cyanide on glass plates. Yowza!

Press release

Berliner duo Sister Chain & Brother John now release their second album “The Androgyne Show”. The parlour punk pioneers have added new flavours and new themes to their concept which has ripened since their debut into a full blown Victorian glam rock cabaret. Be prepared for wicked tales and compelling song craft.

“The Androgyne Show” is the first crowdfunded album by a Berlin band. It was fully financed by the band’s loyal following via Inkubato.com. Like the debut album “Darkness To Warm Your Heart” (2008) the new album was recorded on 4-track tape and pressed on vinyl only. The analogue approach also extends to the mastering as well as the album artwork: photos shot with an 1860s camera and developed with cyanide on glass plates.

Victorian Perverts in Outer Space
“The Androgyne Show” is a concept album of the Ziggy Stardust tradition, including the blurred sexuality and alien subject matter. The title song tells of an imaginary game show where you win a sex change operation while the losers are sold to slavery. However, the Victorian parlour motif of the debut album is still present in piano tracks like “The Last Room” - the song of the betrayed duchess - or the sonnet song “Modern Love” – a tribute to both poet George Meredith and the composer Beethoven. The lyrical universe of Sister Chain & Brother John also contains political songs (such as the apocalyptic “When At All Comes Down”) as well as devotional ballads (“On The Roof”) and the inevitable ride into the decadent underworld - before resurfacing at the gates of the lunatic asylum.

Raw and Rambling Electric Troubadours
Apart from the lonesome piano and the occasional circus drum, Sister Chain & Brother John remain faithful to their minimalist principals: one bass guitar or electric guitar, vocals and effects. But what else does one need in nineteenth century outer space? Or even on stage for a thrilling performance, for that matter? In the six years that have passed since their chance meeting, the British/Israeli couple have performed and excited audiences in hundreds of concerts in their respective homelands and all around Europe - anywhere from rock venues and festivals through proper theatres to churches and ships, illegal gambling houses, gothic weddings and warzone street corners.

Album website: http://www.sopa.dk/theandrogyneshow

“Sister Chain and Brother John have taken the framework of the duo with all its limitations and used it to its full extent.” - Thomas Mauch, Die Tageszeitung

“Subversive, interesting and unique. What more could you want?” - Gareth Owen, Electronic Beats Magazine

"Berlin-based Sister Chain & Brother John is a most peculiar and rather unique acquaintance. Victorian glam rock meets dark cabaret moods of the duo's strange, seductive, macabre and highly dramatical theatrical universe. There is something absolutely alluring about Sister Chain & Brother John's peculiar world. (...) There is a constant lurking danger in Sister Chain’s shrill tremulous voice that complements the disturbing universe perfectly. (...)There are glorious highs in the spinning Satan Said, the title number with playful bass, the doomsday heavy When It All Comes Down and the delicious fingerpicked On The Roof." - Gaffa, Denmark's biggest music magazine, 4 stars.

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