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Les Maledictus Sound - Les Maledictus Sound

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Les Maledictus Sound by Les Maledictus Sound.  Vinyl LP.
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  • G/fold LP on Mucho Gusto (MGLP001)
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7/10 according to on 3rd October 2013

I first heard of this guy after finding a mixtape where half way through the music gets a little freaky with a woman groaning, screaming, throwing up and then laughing into a fade, all soundtracked with eerily captivating music, this track was 'Wedding Party', not on the lp but really awesome. You shouldn't like what you hear, that's exactly why you do. I looked them up and opened the door into the padded cell of Jean-Pierre Massiera.
A solo artist from the late 60s, Massiera's music simply does not fit into a genre. I'd say that the creepy moments are most similar to Demdike Stare's freaky, atmospheric sound with a little of Goblin's 'Profondo Rosso' film feel thrown into the cauldron and more recently the soundtrack to the ever so creepy Berberian Sound Studio. The album definitely has a film soundtrack feeling.
Comparisons to other crazy Frenchmen like Bruce Haack, who seem to lock themselves in a room and produce haunting sounds, are valid but this lp has almost a hip hop feel in the way that it seems to sample different genres. The opener has a little funk before the screams start and things get uncomfortable. The tracks are short and really varied. 'The Whistler' is like something you'd hear along Brighton pier, with a happy, carefree feel. 'Inside My Brain' is a highlight and sounds like the soundtrack to a New York cop show. We journey down Italian rivieras on 'Transfer From The Modulation' and to the racetrack on 'Jim Clark Was Driving Recklessly' which has driving percussion and rumbling guitar.
This is really not the album I was expecting. With no tracks hitting the 3min mark and with each track veering off into a new scenario, where the only sense is nonsense, the album confounds and delights. It is its unpredictability and barmy sensibility which makes it so interesting. A Youtube vid for one of the tracks has no description by the uploader and as such says; 'No description available.' Perhaps that is the best description we can hope for.

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Les Maledictus Sound by Les Maledictus Sound. Vinyl LP. MGLP001.

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