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Erleen Nada - Peachy Keen

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Peachy Keen by Erleen Nada.  Vinyl 7
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  • Limited edition 7" numbered of 200 on Destination Pop (n/a)
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6/10 according to on Thu 18 Aug, 2011

Erleen Nada looks pretty cool. She looks like the missing member of the B-52s...after hanging about with Lestat and incurring a bite from the foppish vampire. The title track is called Peachy Keen and is like a spoken word piece set to quite minimalist techno. It's not something you could play to yer Dad. It's all "cunt" this and "fuck" that. It's like a more goth Peaches...who's let himself go. The flip side is called Cowbell Song and I reckon it is the better song, it's quite brooding and has a great feel to it. The keyboard stylings are more than ace and are taken care of by the amazingly named Diana Death. This single will polarise opinion but that's a good thing...Right guys!?!?! Limited to 200 copies and only available when speaking into a clam for 4 days.

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Peachy Keen by Erleen Nada. Vinyl 7". n/a.

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