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White Label - Stolen Voices

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Stolen Voices by White Label.  Vinyl LP.
  • Vinyl LP £9.79
  • LP on White Label (WHO0001LP)
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1/10 according to on Thu 21 Jul, 2011

This is a curious one. It's an album of elaborate bootleg remixes of rare and unreleased tracks and long lost demos, by artists that I don't think I can name. One of the tracks is by some guy that was in a very popular band from Liverpool. Another track is by some guy that used to hang out with Arachnids from the Red Planet. Another track is by that woman from that soul band that were very popular in the late '60s/'70s. The list, and the beat inevitably goes on. The only elements used in the finished tracks are the original lead vocals and the original backing vocals..with occasional spatterings of piano and guitar. I'm not too sure of this record. It reminds me of a more arty Jive Bunny, one that beard scratchers everywhere can play guess the artist/title, while weeping tears of joy into their copies of WIRE. It's probably a really good idea but I'm not feeling it Reg. It's like those toys that you can get in the Far East that have names like Robert Cop (Robocop) and Superguy (Superman). Its anonymity has really fucked me off. Its slickness and high end production have made me put this one in the Fatboy Slim section and I am willing to leave it there. It's an excuse for someone to make money from artists living or dead...I'm not a fan but I reckon someone will be...comes with a black and white shot of Alfred Hitchcock's cock...

rockinsouler said:

Not ground breaking but rather a fair mixture for crazy paving on your suburban drive just to let the locals know that your one of them on the outside but harbour your imperfective snobbery behind closed doors.Better off rummaging at car bootsales with your gucci wellies and your 4x4s.

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Stolen Voices by White Label. Vinyl LP. WHO0001LP.

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