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Various - Variables II EP

Recommended by us on 10th June 2011. 2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Variables II EP by Various.  Vinyl 12
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  • 12" on Mordant Music. Feat. Autre Ne Neut / Mordant Music / Ekoplekz / Sii / Some Truths (MM048)
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9/10 according to on Fri 10 Jun, 2011

Hmmm, I been lookin' forward to this EP a ton, what with the last one being a belter and all. It kicks off with a reMMix of Autre Ne Veut and it's a radical reworking, keepin' the vocal intact and transforming it into a dancefloor monster embracing elements of techno and electro for a seriously heavy trip for heads and feet. Then ASDIC from Mordant Music drops and it's a proper brain frazzling analogue synth workout that's like Chris Carter on amphetamines. SoooooOOOO gooooOOOOd. Ekoplekz is up next again fully in the analogue domain and referencing early electronic music and current bass developments, this chap really doesn't sound like anyone else around at the moment. 'Organite' hits the spot nicely and is a dose of pure electrical energy warping around my skull. 'Thermodub' again makes me think of Chris Carter's Space Between album, raw around the edges but still a woozy electrodubber. Sii is new to me and I've no idea what he gets up to other than that he/she/it made 'Condor MoMent' which ticks along wonderfully and then a euphoric synth motif drops like prime early Drexciya. Finally Some Truths chugs along with a slow machine rhythm with some frantic synth work over the top. The juxtaposition works a treat and ends a damn fine EP in style. Huge recommendation.

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Variables II EP by Various. Vinyl 12". MM048.

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