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Whirling Hall of Knives - Celestrian Ferroxxide

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Celestrian Ferroxxide by Whirling Hall of Knives.  Cassette tape.
  • Cassette tape £6.60
  • limited cassette on Munitions Family (MUNFAM015)
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8/10 according to on Thu 25 Nov, 2010

I'll do a tape now. Yes, they still make them. Sure they'll be trying to flog Phil Collins new album on cassette in 10 years time, when he'll be back in Vegas in his cunty shiny suit playing to all the psychos, rapists & paedos that still like him. The cheerfully monikered Whirling Hall of Knives make some pretty damn fine noise. This is stealthy stuff though. Not just a wall of hideous sludge & evil power electronics from these kids. There's something creepingly apocalyptic about this. A deep, foreboding pulse mongs periodically away in the background like a metronomic warning to the nation as this windy vortex of caustic despair builds slowly in urgency. Then take (what I approximate to be) the sound of elephants from an escaping zoo & frantic air-horns and hear them mingle worriedly, blended effortlessly into a steadily escalating, increasingly static-doused cyber-shitstorm. This is truly great stuff that really takes you on a proper journey, albeit one that may induce panic attacks & mania. And i'm listening to it relatively quietly too.

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Celestrian Ferroxxide by Whirling Hall of Knives. Cassette tape. MUNFAM015.

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