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11 by Phil The Tremolo King
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6/10 according to on Thu 18 Nov, 2010

Aw man I'm sooo tired.... I really need more sleep! I'll see if my namesake can keep me awake! It's a quirky one this one alright. It's packaged in one of those arigato packs with a silk screened cover. Inside you get a little booklet with some info with some drawings and words in. Musically it's very different to the kind of music which normally arrives in arigato packs (drone....) Here you've got lo-fi recordings straddling genres such as country and pop and some croonery-ness. It's a weird mix! The opener and a handful of other tracks really remind me of some of the early Baby Bird recordings what with the Bontempi sounding organ etc. The sound is similar to that of Dave Cloud with a bit more of a country rock feel. It sounds wrong but it isn't. It weirdly works. And there's a song called 'St. James Infirmary' which makes me think of all of those years I spent in hospital as a poorly child. Ah thems were the days and yes this has done the job of keeping me awake!

8/10 according to on 17th November 2010

Haha, not tooting my own horn...rather, a few quotes from listeners...

"Hi Phil, much appreciated mate. Nice one to wake up to today. I'll let you know when you're on the playlist. all the best" Jogga ( On the couch Productions, played 'Afternoon Sun' on their show)

"A'right Phil Temelo King fella - pleased to make yer aquaintance mate. You've got some strange & wonderful sounds goin' on there our new friend - lovin' "Sunday Afternoon"
The Mules ( Scottish band)

"holy crap mr. phil... that little guitar makes magic."
-drk ( Pork Records of NE Ohio)

"Greetings Phil....diggin' the sounds amigo.  Got a mighty fine style there!...and no wonder with a list of influences like that!" ( the Nebyudelic Sound System, Scottish solo artist)

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