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Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest

Our album of the week (24th September 2010) 21 people love me. Be the 22nd...

Halcyon Digest by Deerhunter
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  • LP on 4AD (CAD3X38)
  • Artist: Deerhunter
  • Label: 4AD
  • Genres: Indie Rock
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  • CD on 4AD (CAD3X38CD)
  • Artist: Deerhunter
  • Label: 4AD
  • Genres: Indie Rock
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(1 review) 9/10


9/10 according to on Fri 24 Sep, 2010

Deerhunter can't do too much wrong can they? Well 'Microcastle' was a bit of a disappointment after the majesty of their breakthrough monster 'Cryptograms' and its equally stunning follow up 'Fluorecent Grey' but they were back on track with the more recent releases leading up to this, probably their most anticipated album. Its starts slowly with a rather ploddy opener in which the past 80's glories of their label 4AD are recalled but the single 'Revival' is an absolute classic where the band come across as a 60's beat combo in awe of The Hollies. Fantastic fun. 'Memory Boy' is more fantastically upbeat catchy pop, immediately impressive. Deerhunter do seem to have lost their darker side which although at times regrettable but this is easily tempered by the numerous pop nuggets on offer. Fans of guitarist Lockett Pundt's superb solo album under the Lotus Plaza moniker will be pleased to note he writes takes and takes lead vocals on the albums standout 'Desire Lines' which is a wonderful 3 minutes of heavenly melody followed by a lengthy guitar outro reminiscent of Pixies amazing 'No 13 Baby'. Again the 60's influence is sure and true on 'Basement Scene' which brings to mind the intelligent ballads of The Zombies with nice reverb on the vocals threatening to overwhelm the track. 'Helicopter is gloriously melancholic', as the album wears on it seems like Deerhunter have got better at mixing up their more downbeat introspective material with the poppier stuff and finally on 'He Would Have Laughed' they combine the two, an almost Animal Collective feel to the vocals over marching tom toms and repetitive guitar lines. A very strong album overall, not without the odd weak moment particularly towards the beginning but highly recommended and a deserving Album of the Week.


Press release

‘Halcyon Digest’ is the fourth studio album from
Atlanta’s Deerhunter, released by 4AD.

The quartet of Bradford Cox, Lockett Pundt,
Joshua Fauver and Moses Archuleta have
established themselves as one of the most
innovative and important bands to emerge from
the US in recent years and ‘Halcyon Digest’ is sure
to bolster this newfound status of theirs.

Deerhunter are renowned for their prolificacy; in
the two years since signing to 4AD, the group has
released a double album (‘Microcastle’ and ‘Weird
Era Cont.’) and a five-track EP (‘Rainwater
Cassette Exchange’) as well as numerous unofficial
tracks that appear on a regular basis – albeit only
for a short duration – on the band’s blog.
Furthermore, the band’s own solo projects
(Bradford’s Atlas Sound moniker and Lockett’s
Lotus Plaza) have released albums at a similar

With every release, Deerhunter widen their sphere
of influence and critically they continue to impress.


Don’t Cry
Memory Boy
Desire Lines
Basement Scene
Fountain Stairs
He Would Have Laughed

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