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Boredoms - 77 Boa Drum

Recommended by us on 1st September 2010. 2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

77 Boa Drum by Boredoms.  DVD.
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  • DVD of drummy fun on Thrill Jockey (THRILL250)
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9/10 according to on Wed 01 Sep, 2010

Five just on principle y'knarr? Five just 'cos it's Boredoms. Five just 'cos they got seventy-seven drummers (cool dudes like Brian Chippendale, David Grubbs, Alan Licht etc. etc. etc., not boring session geeks) to hit things all at the same time on the seventh of the seventh oh-seven in Brooklyn while Eye jumped around twatting his weird guitar rack thingymajigs. So yeah, you get the full seventy-seven minute seventy-seven second (natch) performance interspersed with documentary interludes and interviews with people saying how ace it all is and everything. We're all being well sucked into watching it but worktime is sadly not drum-filled DVD time so I'll just end by saying "five because we can't do sevens".

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77 Boa Drum by Boredoms. DVD. THRILL250 .

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