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Various, Arthur Doyle - Qbico U-Nite VI & VII

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Qbico U-Nite VI & VII by Various, Arthur Doyle.  Vinyl Triple LP.
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  • Massive triple LP on Hip featuring Arthur Doyle/Faruq Z. Bey/Muruga and the Global Village Ceremonia (QBICO 99)
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9/10 according to on Fri 12 Feb, 2010

I just randomly chucked a side of this Qbico triple LP compilation on, not having the vaguest notion of where to start, and I'm straight into the groove with the Odu Afrobeat Orchestra, not an outfit I've heard before but one I'll be doing my best to check out in the future on the basis of the fine Fela-invoking leads and grooviest of rhythms. Elsewhere you've got some crazy drum skills from Ravi Padmanabha fighting for and against some super crazy sax tones from Steve Baczkowski, a quite unique-sounding set from Arthur Doyle's Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, a cracking set from Andrew Barker and Daniel Carter that flows from laid-back club tones into the occasional violent eruption, Faruq Z. Bey's outing with the Northwood Improvisers which starts off with swing-laden bop before collapsing into an every-man-for-himself noise orgy and the jazzy funk of Muruga and the Global Village Band. I wish I had time to listen to all of this properly 'cos the vast majority of it sounds pretty mega.

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Qbico U-Nite VI & VII by Various, Arthur Doyle. Vinyl Triple LP. QBICO 99.

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