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Glisten by Tim Catlin & Machinefabriek.  CD.
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  • Nice looking CD on Low Point (LP031)
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8/10 according to on Thu 05 Nov, 2009

Machinefabriek is a very prolific chap. I've lost count of how many releases he's had out but let's just say it's quite a lot. This week sees the release of a new collaborative CD with said Rutger and Aussie sound artist Tim Catlin on Gareth Hardwick's Low Point label. Catlin made a load of sounds including guitar preparations (not sure what they are but I figure that's something to do with a guitar) which range from more conventional picking to some otherworldly crazy noises that you wouldn't think came from a guitar. These were sent to Machinefeabriek who did his special micro electronic magic and he's added some whirrs, whips, bangs and fizzles to the album. 'Glisten' an intense listen which is obviously best suited to headphones. The layers of drones and and weird electronic noises collectively make this sound well alien. It's music created by aliens for aliens so if you're all green and sticky (like all aliens are) then this is for you. A thoroughly enjoyable listen and don't forget you'll need those headphones!

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Glisten by Tim Catlin & Machinefabriek. CD. LP031.

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