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Gestammelorchester - Hesitate / Land

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Hesitate / Land by Gestammelorchester.  Vinyl 7
  • Vinyl 7" £4.19
  • Ltd 7" on Slow Loris (No'd Edn of 500) (slo23)
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8/10 according to on Thu 22 Jan, 2009

Gestammelorchester. Yeah, that's who. So screw you. Apparently "losers" from more Celtic pastures who now kick out a revved up, lo-fi indie punk din in Berlin that I rather freaking like lots. It's got a lot of Ligament in there, basically when at full throttle it sounds like the mixing desk is about to implode, such is the ferocity of shredded supermuff guitar & a bass that sounds like it's being thrummed by a giant's tooth. Plus lots of rabble rousing shouting that's quite inpenetrable but very hearty. The flip starts in a brooding math rock fashion before exploding into another mid 90's inspired post hardcore stop-starter with extra spazz bells on that makes the muscles in my neck jut out with memories of Cable, Elevate & the utterly amazing Fabric from London (anyone remember them?) Yes, this is how rock should sound, dirty, scuzzy & underproduced. Crank this mother up and pretend you're downstairs at the Royal Park Cellars in Leeds. 'Hesitate'/'Land' is 7" only on Slow Loris.

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Hesitate / Land by Gestammelorchester. Vinyl 7". slo23.

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