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EP1 by The Pattern Theory.  CD.
  • CD £3.39
  • Ltd 4 track self released CD EP (Declining Winter drummer!)
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8/10 according to on Thu 20 Nov, 2008

The drummer from The Declining Winter has his own band and in between being beaten to within an inch of his life for missing beats by the Right honourable REV Adams he has found the time to release an EP. On CD. They're called The Pattern Theory and the first time this got played in the office we thought it was well Thrill Jockey. EP1 is all very Chicago sounding mathsy clever post/ pre whatever you call it rock. Widdly maths gear which reminds me of bands like The Dylan Group, Tortoise, Mice Parade etc. Comes in a nice brown cardboard recycled sleeve. Brown is the new black and while it's decimating black it's also the new white. This is the first time a non primary colour has taken both black and whites mantle.

10/10 according to on

Great band! Post-rock style with some noodling math rock to boot. Think Do Make Say Think meets King Crimson perhaps? I highly recommend!

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EP1 by The Pattern Theory. CD.

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