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Added to site: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Major Tom / Radar Love
The Space Lady

8/10 according to our ReviewBot3000 on 25th September 2013

I haven’t encountered The Space Lady before but apparently she played on the streets of America since the late ‘70s, starting out in Boston and later moving to San Francisco and self-releasing her only album back in 1990 before retiring shortly before the turn of the millennium. Mr Kasparis at Night Sch…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    7" £5.49

The Coast Explodes

Mammatus’s second album The Coast Explodes straddles the line between psychedelia and hard rock while introducing more progressive aspects. The music is heavily influenced by both the power andcomplexity of the natural w…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £15.69


Hailing from London, England, Tyler Zypreska has been crafting shiny pop gems all by his lonesome, building up an impressive backlog of tunes that hit all the sweet spots from O.M.D. to La Dusseldorf, to Trio & the pining ennui of the teenage …view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £15.69, CD £10.99

Midnight Passenger

Ex-Cult’s Midnight Passenger is the result of a neverending obsession with the open road. It’s the sound of five people spending the last year in countless dive bars and disgusting motel rooms, sleeping on dozens of dirt…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £14.89, CD £12.49

Im Sinne Der Zeit
Klaus Johann Grobe

Debut full-length from the Swiss duo. Sevi Landolt (organ/synths/vocals) & Daniel Bachmann (drums/vocals) have concocted a unique sound that pulls equally from motorik krautrock, skittering post-punk, organic Brazilian grooves & glittering…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £15.69, CD £10.99

Maxwell August Croy and Sean McCann

Composed and recorded in Los Angeles and San Francisco, “I” is the debut full-length album by Maxwell August Croy and Sean McCann. Croy is best known for his work in Bay Area duo EN, wherein he processes koto, voice, and other instrume…view full details.

These Things Take Time
Molly Nilsson

It would be easy to say that Molly Nilsson needs no introduction, but These Things Take Time is an introduction. Originally self-released in 2008 on a limited CDR run with hand-folded sleeve, Nilsson’s debut album has slowly taken over the h…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    Double LP £19.59

Live at Goner Records
Reigning Sound

It all happened on a rainy afternoon in June, 2005, at the Goner Shop. Following a sweaty Saturday night gig at Memphis’ favorite dive bar, The Buccaneer, Reigning Sound sets up in front of a roomful of hungover heathens and blazes through f…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £15.69, CD £12.49

Sir Stephen

French Quarter diva-house decadent Sir Stephen explores fresh palatial terrace party terrain on Sanctuary, a six-song rosary for SILK streetwear subsidiary House Of Silk. Seemingly inspired by that short-lived (and culturally off-limits) stylistic…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    12" £12.49

Midnight Sun
The Goastt

On April 28th 2014, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (The GOASTT) will release Midnight Sun, a guided tour of bold, shape-shifting sonic murals and evocative lyrical panoramas. Plucking musical ingredients from all over the map, the album has a hi…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £15.69, CD £12.49
Added to site: Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Transitions 1

• “This is music written over the last year, whilst recording for my second album. Much of the music I released before my debut album was instrumental and I want to continue to share this side of the music I make. This series of tracks …view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    12" £6.29

Heart Murmurs
Jeremy Messersmith

• ‘Heart Murmurs’ was written and recorded in Minneapolis, with production overseen by Messersmith’s longtime musical partner Andy Thompson, along with Ben Allen (GIVERS, Animal Collective) and the musical contributions of a…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    CD £9.89, LP £17.39

Off Beat

• Incorporating the squiggles and squelches of vintage analogue synthesizers and the breaks and beats of old library and soundtrack albums, Manchester’s J-Walk is back. • J-Walk’s anthemic ‘Soul Vibration’…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    CD £6.89, LP £16.29

Killer Be Killed
Killer Be Killed

• Friends Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy) and Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) spent a marathon three day session in the desert together, working up over a dozen demos with the same drum machine and four-track recorder Max…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    Double LP £14.49

Mimicking Birds

• Nate Lacy spent the years since his teens exploring his inner world and his connection with the universe at large. These days, Lacy is focusing his gaze further outward, exploring what he calls “the infinite and the infinitesimal,&rdq…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    CD £9.69, LP £15.99

Life Among The Savages

• “With a personal history that reads like something from Kerouac or Steinbeck, Quever’s songs instil a sense of melancholy but are so engaging that the listener is swept along without complaint” - Mojo • It&rsq…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    CD £9.49, LP £13.29

The Trouble With Templeton

• Already a huge success in Australia, The Trouble With Templeton is the creation of singer / songwriter Thomas Calder, a 23-year-old wunderkind who formed the band in 2011. The following year saw TTWT expand to a 5-piece, the new members com…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    CD £9.89, LP £17.39

Novos Mistérios
Ninos Du Brasil

Hospital Productions’ present an exhilarating label debut by flamboyant Italian battery, Nicolò Fortuni and Nico Vascellari, aka Ninos Du Brasil. ‘Novos Mistérios’ follows their debut LP for La Tempesta International/Tannen R…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £16.49, CD £9.79

Star Report
Ivy Barkakati

Another limited cassette outing from Hospital Productions, this time offering up a raw, tunnelling (tech)No Wave session from Ivy Barkakati, the co-owner of Barcelona’s incredible Anòmia label with Arnau Sala - her parter in the Vactor duo…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    Cassette tape £6.19

Shimmering Moods 001
FrameWatcher / Sonornote

Warm electronics release from a new dutch, Amsterdam based label. Limited 300 copies white colored, hand numbered, vinyl. Shimmering Moods Records, a new label from the area of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, presents their first release with …view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    12" £8.49

Data Trails

Imprints are a technical nightmare of tape machines, synthesizers, homemade pedals, mixing desks and Max/MSP patches; a band perpetually on the brink of collapse. Their music examines the uneasy relationship between dissonance and melody, the cont…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    CD £7.99

Wysing Forest
Luke Abbott

Tracklist: 1 Two Degrees2 Amphis3 Unfurling4 Free Migration5 Highrise6 Tree Spirit7 The Balance of Power8 Snippet9 Amphis (reprise)…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    CD £9.49, LP £15.39

The Acid

Tracks: 1 Animal2 Veda3 Creeper4 Fame5 Ra6 Tumbling Lights7 Ghost8 Basic Instinct9 Red10 Clean11 Feed12 Onyx (vinyl only)…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    CD £9.89

Breaking Bad (Original Score)
Dave Porter

Original score of AMC’s hit series Breaking Bad. The score includes highlights from seasons 1-5, handpicked by composer Dave Porter to correspond to the most pivotal moments in the show. Released on vinyl for the first time in a deluxe full …view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    Double LP £28.19

Three Parts
Robert Turman

These three pieces are among Turman's most hypnotic and sparse recordings. Originally recorded with a 4 track cassette recorder - layers of mystical tones winds in and out of each other in off-center patterns, creating a simple, yet spatial and tr…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £15.19

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