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Added to site: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

9/10 according to our ReviewBot3000 on 3rd April 2014

Yes, this is the real shit here. Hip hop royalty Madlib's collaboration with wordsmith Freddie Gibbs have teased us with a couple of EPs already which were more tantalising than satisfying. Now, however, there's something meaty to get your teeth into; a massive 17-song double LP which, as a sticker on the front boasts, "feat. all the mother fuck…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    Cassette tape £9.39

Major Tom / Radar Love
The Space Lady

8/10 according to our ReviewBot3000 on 25th September 2013

I haven’t encountered The Space Lady before but apparently she played on the streets of America since the late ‘70s, starting out in Boston and later moving to San Francisco and self-releasing her only album back in 1990 before retiring shortly before the turn of the millennium. Mr Kasparis at Night Sch…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    7" £5.49

The Coast Explodes

Mammatus’s second album The Coast Explodes straddles the line between psychedelia and hard rock while introducing more progressive aspects. The music is heavily influenced by both the power andcomplexity of the natural w…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £15.69


Hailing from London, England, Tyler Zypreska has been crafting shiny pop gems all by his lonesome, building up an impressive backlog of tunes that hit all the sweet spots from O.M.D. to La Dusseldorf, to Trio & the pining ennui of the teenage …view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £15.69, CD £10.99

Midnight Passenger

Ex-Cult’s Midnight Passenger is the result of a neverending obsession with the open road. It’s the sound of five people spending the last year in countless dive bars and disgusting motel rooms, sleeping on dozens of dirt…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £14.89, CD £12.49

Im Sinne Der Zeit
Klaus Johann Grobe

Debut full-length from the Swiss duo. Sevi Landolt (organ/synths/vocals) & Daniel Bachmann (drums/vocals) have concocted a unique sound that pulls equally from motorik krautrock, skittering post-punk, organic Brazilian grooves & glittering…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £15.69, CD £10.99

Maxwell August Croy and Sean McCann

Composed and recorded in Los Angeles and San Francisco, “I” is the debut full-length album by Maxwell August Croy and Sean McCann. Croy is best known for his work in Bay Area duo EN, wherein he processes koto, voice, and other instrume…view full details.

These Things Take Time
Molly Nilsson

It would be easy to say that Molly Nilsson needs no introduction, but These Things Take Time is an introduction. Originally self-released in 2008 on a limited CDR run with hand-folded sleeve, Nilsson’s debut album has slowly taken over the h…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    Double LP £19.59

Live at Goner Records
Reigning Sound

It all happened on a rainy afternoon in June, 2005, at the Goner Shop. Following a sweaty Saturday night gig at Memphis’ favorite dive bar, The Buccaneer, Reigning Sound sets up in front of a roomful of hungover heathens and blazes through f…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £15.69, CD £12.49

Sir Stephen

French Quarter diva-house decadent Sir Stephen explores fresh palatial terrace party terrain on Sanctuary, a six-song rosary for SILK streetwear subsidiary House Of Silk. Seemingly inspired by that short-lived (and culturally off-limits) stylistic…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    12" £12.49

Midnight Sun
The Goastt

On April 28th 2014, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (The GOASTT) will release Midnight Sun, a guided tour of bold, shape-shifting sonic murals and evocative lyrical panoramas. Plucking musical ingredients from all over the map, the album has a hi…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £15.69, CD £12.49

Dead Unique

Blackest Ever Black presents to you Dead Unique, an album by Officer! recorded in 1995 but - outrageously, inexplicably - never before released into the public domain. This then is not a reissue or a revival; it’s a new record that just happ…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    CD £10.99, LP £16.29

Decadubs 2 EP

The second of the Decadub vinyl-only releases dedicates three of its four sides to a volley of woozy and twisted footwork from most of the key members of Chicago's Teklife crew. Side One starts with DJ Rashad and Gant Man's squiggly 303 banger 'Ac…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    Double 12" £10.99

Courting Strong

Hailing from Pity Me near Durham, vegan straight-edge pop group MARTHA have just signed to Fortuna POP! Providing energetic, impassioned pop punk, Martha are informed by 90s indie rock and Scandinavian anarcho noir. The album, produced by MJ from …view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £12.49, CD £9.69

Enfant Terrible
Hedvig Mollestad Trio

Double-tracked with a ghostly haze of background fuzz, Hedvig’s lightning-rod guitar blazes a trail that comes in the wake of the heaviest guitar giants – there’s Hendrix, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi and Led Zep’s Jimm…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £15.69, CD £11.89

Lay Llamas

The Lay Llamas consist of the Sicilian-born and raised but now Rome-based duo of Gioele Valenti and Nicola Giunta, who are now set to release their debut album 'Ostro' this May on Rocket. Recorded in an old-house in the Segesta countryside of Sici…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £15.69, CD £10.99

Some Heavy Ocean
Emma Ruth Rundle

Debut solo album from Red Sparowes (Guitar) and Marriages (Lead Vocals/Guitar) member Emma Ruth Rundle. Emma Ruth Rundle is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, accomplished guitarist, and member of Red Sparowes and Marriages. Her first …view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £17.19, CD £10.59

More Primitive
Lonesome Shack

“More Primitive” finds Seattle’s Lonesome Shack exploring the depths of boogie and country blues. The trio’s sound is raw and immediate with finger-picked guitar lines, soulful crooning and big danceable grooves. Ben Todd&r…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £17.19, CD £13.19

69 Année Mélodique (Une Certaine Idée De La Variété Française 1964 – 1973)

Collection of very rare and exclusive French pop songs from the 60s-70s, from major artists:, Serge Gainsbourg, Dalida, Jacques Dutronc, Jane Birkin, among others. Includes exclusive instrumental version of Serge Gainsbourg hit “Je suis venu…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £18.79, CD £13.19

Tropical Disco Hustle

It seems like no part of the world has evaded disco’s ubiquitous inuence, including the Caribbean. The Caribbean in the late '70s and early '80s was a hotbed of musical activity and this compilation focuses on the best disco-inuenced tracks …view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    Double LP £20.39, CD £11.39

For Moussavi Atrium

For Moussavi Atrium is a brand new 38 minute piece from ELEH written for performance at the Cleveland Museum Of Contemporary Art.…view full details.

The New Standard
Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow, Bobby Previte

While Jamie Saft has been a significant presence on previous RareNoise recordings by Slobber Pup, Plymouth and Metallic Taste of Blood, the renegade keyboardist and essential Downtown improviser steps into a dramatically different role on The…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    Double LP £15.69, CD £8.09

The Indestructible Sounds of...
The Kneejerk Reactions

This raw rhythm’n’beat garage-rock’n’roll combo, headed up by the ubiquitous veteran rocker, Sir Bald Diddley (aka Hipbone Slim), delivers super rough, tough and wild mid-’60s inspired sounds that are just about as fr…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £12.49, CD £9.69

Dishin’ The Dirt / I Don’t Want You
The Thanes

Formed in 1980 using the name The Green Telescope, the idea was of playing the ’60s sounds that they were then discovering every day. They switched names to The Thanes (of Cawdor) in 1986, because says Lenny Helsing (lead guitar/vocals), &ld…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    7" £4.69

Give It Time
The Revellions

Three years have passed since the Revellions released their last single and it’s been five years since their eponymous debut album on Dirty Water Records. This will be the one album this year for which anticipation is high. This is the one t…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £12.49, CD £9.69

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