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Norman Records

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I add items to an existing order?

Yes. For years this hasn't been possible, but now it is. Send an email to phil@normanrecords.com to tell us what to add.

Can I come and collect items in person?

Of course - lots of people do! Place your order through the site as normal, using the 'Click and Collect' option in the checkout.

Can I pay by Paypal?

Yes, just select the Paypal option in the checkout.

What's your ethos?

To support independent, interesting music in its physical form.

Why should I buy from you?

Excellent customer service, very fast shipping, high quality packaging to keep your records safe and cheap postage.

What genres do you stock?

We cover a wide range - take a look - from Indie and electronica to folk /alternative / experimental and everything in between.

Do you sell new or used records?

Mainly new, although you can buy / trade your old ones too!

Why do you stock some titles on vinyl but not CD?

We can't compete with stores like Amazon and Play, who buy in enormous quantities.

But what if I want something on CD and not vinyl?

If you don't see it listed, just ask us and we will try to order it in for you as cheaply as possible.

Why do prices go up on some titles after a week or two?

We get special deals on certain pre-orders so if you want to guarantee getting something cheaply please be quick!

Why can't I buy more than one copy of some items?

We would rather sell single copies of limited edition items to fans of real music, rather than sell in bulk to a dealer for the sake of profit.

How do I know if something is in stock?

Anything that dispatches in 1 day is in stock. 2-5 days means ordering it in, but you won't always have to wait that long. Please note that imports can take much longer.

Your reviews can be quite harsh! Don't you care about upsetting people?

We think our regular readers understand that we're just being honest. Bear in mind each review is just the opinion of one person and doesn't reflect how we all feel about a release.

Will you stock my band's releases?

Possibly! Please email phil@normanrecords.com to discuss. These days we generally only stock new/unknown artists on a 'sale or return' basis as it's simply too expensive to do otherwise.

What does 'sale or return' mean?

We will list your items on the site (and in our email marketing, etc.), pay you what we owe only when they sell, and return any that don't sell back to you.

How long do you keep sale or return items?

Five years maximum, due to limited storage space.

How do I get paid?

Get in touch if we have your releases listed and we can organise payment where due. Please keep a record of everything you send us.

How quickly will you ship my order?

If all the items you order are in stock then we try to ship on the same day (Monday to Friday). However, if your order contains items that we don't have in stock (e.g. pre-orders or 'not in stock' items that we have to order in especially) then we can only ship once we've received the items ourselves. The time it takes to get these items varies widely and in beyond our control. Please refer to the 'Shipping' information provided on each item's page for more details.

Where is my order? Why is it taking so long?

Most likely, we are waiting for an item you ordered to come into stock. Please email us at whereismyorder@normanrecords.com for an update.

Can I get free shipping?

Yes, if you live in the UK and place an order over £50 through the shopping cart.

Something was missing from my order, will it come separately?

No, we ship everything as one order if that's what you requested. It may be that we were unable to obtain the item you wanted. Please contact us.

What if I place an order with a pre order?

We will ship your items as one order. Please be aware release dates can change, so let us know if you don't want to wait.

The item I bought is damaged, what now?

Please get in touch with us. If we are to blame we will offer a full replacement or refund. We make every effort to package items securely. If it's a manufacturing issue then each party pays the return postage.

I received the wrong item.

Please get in touch and we'll sort it out for you!

I bought something by mistake!

Please let us know. We can usually offer either a refund or store credit.

What if my order gets lost in the post?

We are not responsible for this. Please consider having valuable items insured, you can request this on the order form.

Why should I bother opening an account?

1. Repeat ordering becomes easier. 2. You get a record of previous orders. 3. You can set up a wishlist.

How secure is my information?

All personal information is collected over secure https and stored safely. For added security, we do not store credit card details and our site is audited every week by a professional security firm (Netcraft). Read our full security policy.

What information do you store?

The only compulsory information you have to store is your name, email address, and password. It's your choice after that, except that you cannot store card numbers / security codes.

Question not answered?

Ask us: phil@normanrecords.com or (+44) 0113 245 4399.