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Mojo Storm

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

CD on Global Storm…view full details.

  • Available on:
    CD £8.39

Fumaca Preta
Fumaca Preta

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

CD on Soundway…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    CD £12.09

Typical System
Total Control

9 people love me. Be the 10th...

8/10 according to our Mike on 4th July 2014

Total Control's debut album 'Henge Beat' was a big hit around the office and remains a regular fixture on my turntable, and this week the wait is finally over for a follow-up from the coldwavey synth punks. That first album took me a few listens to get into and I'm having the same problem today. I'm on my third run through and I still feel lik…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    CD £11.59