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The Root / Range On Castle
Kim Deal & Morgan Nagler

7/10 according to our Clinton on 16th April 2014

Always got plenty of time for Kim Deal. While her former band name gets dragged through the dirt, Kim is having fun playing with a bunch of people and releasing these nice 7” records of the results. This one is more collaborative than ever as Kim shares vocals with Whispertown singer Morgan Nagler. As a result I just can’t ge…view full details.

  • Available on:
    7" £7.99

You're An Art Soul
Cavern of Anti-Matter

8/10 according to our Clinton on 24th April 2014

Its the third Cavern of At Matter record in a week so I won’t drone on and on. As you perhaps know by now this is Tim Gane (Stereolab) with another Stereolab pal Joe Dilworth and a German lad. This is a limited edition (to just 320) 3 tracker that you’ll want if you like…view full details.

Blood Drums
Cavern of Anti-Matter

9/10 according to our Mike on 24th April 2014

One of my review highlights of last week was the bargain-priced Cavern of Anti-Matter 12" on Deep Distance which features 45 minutes of freeform kosmische synth jamming from the Stereolab-related trio. Fast forward to this week and they've got two more records out on two entirely separate labels, the most exciti…view full details.

  • Available on:
    Double LP £19.99

Akira OST
Geinoh Yamashirogumi

1988 soundtrack album for Katsuhiro Otomo's 'Akira' manga movie. A mix of digital synthesizers, Indonesian chromatic percussion, traditional Japanese theatrical and spiritual music, European classical, and of course progressive rock.…view full details.

  • Available on:
    LP £19.79

Are You Mine / Wish I Was
Kim Deal

8/10 according to our Clinton on 28th November 2013

Although I’ve not been quite as blown away by Kim Deal’s recent 7” series than some around here these are still a special collection of songs and, of course, highly collectable. This is the third in the series, and is very similar to the others in style in that it's a folky, twinkly affair with lyrics which immediately …view full details.

  • Available on:
    7" £7.99

To Be Kind

Swans, led by Michael Gira, formed in 1982 and, after disbanding in 1997, returned with the critically acclaimed albums ‘My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky’ (2010) and 2012’s ‘The Seer’. 2014’s…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    Triple LP £22.19

The Space Project

LEFSE records commissions artists to create songs from space recordings made by VOYAGER probes. ‘The Space Project’ features Youth Lagoon, Spiritualized, Beach House, The Antlers, Mutual Benefit, Blues Control and others. …view full details.

  • Available on:
    LP £15.99

The FLK / Marry Waterson

8/10 according to our Mike on 17th April 2014

Mysterious post-folk experimentalists The FLK (definitely nothing to do with the KLF since you were wondering) have a new 7”! Fans of their last CD, and I know there are a lot of you, get the chequebooks out now. As previously, this is folk music repurposed in weird and modern ways. This time round they ta…view full details.

  • Available on:
    7" £9.99

Thee Oh Sees

9/10 according to our Li'l Biz on 11th April 2014

Hi. Below is some information regarding the new Oh Sees album - listen up. ‘Drop’ is a John Dwyer Oh Sees record, as with previous non-band outings like ‘Castlevania’ and such, yet it also sounds like a complete band outing which is reassuring. Sadly there’s no Brigid, no Petey (Dammit!) and no Mike whi…view full details.

  • Available on:
    LP £14.89

Sunbathing Animal
Parquet Courts

Tracks: 01 Bodies02 Black and White03 Dear Ramona04 What Color Is Blood05 Vienna II06 Always Back in Town07 She's Rollin08 Sunbathing Animal09 Up All Night10 Instant Di…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £16.79, LP £20.99

Austerity Dogs
Sleaford Mods

10/10 according to our Nathon on 16th November 2013

Months ago, back when I first started seeing this album on this site, I had it judged by its cover, title and band name. "Brilliant," I thought, "more wannabe 'Mod' twats selling that line about how important it is in working class culture to wear a sharp coat." Fully expecting it to contain the latest forgettable rehash of crappy Mod nostalgia,…view full details.

Young Alaska
Christian Loffler

9/10 according to our Clinton on 17th April 2014

New one from the German producer reviewed in war-like conditions in the middle of the office with chuntering going on round my ears. The first track that rises above the cacophony is ‘Mt Grace’, the second track on the record where Loffler marries some neat electronics to a stretched out vocal sample which reminds me of something …view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £15.29

The Child

8/10 according to our Mike on 17th April 2014

‘80s soundtrack loving dude Umberto is back this week with the full-length 12-minute version of ‘The Child’ which appeared in an edited form on his debut. A right old doozy it is too, a labyrinthine passage of cold disco beats and John Carpenter synths which will delight any fans of …view full details.

  • Available on:
    12" £6.99

The Brown Bunny

Deluxe vinyl edition of the soundtrack to the Vincent Gallo film The Brown Bunny. Features 5 exclusive tracks from John Frusciante. Fully authorized edition on 180-gram vinyl, housed in a deluxe tip-on gatefold sleeve. Limited to 1000 copi…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £25.99

Jamie xx

With his band, The xx, currently in the middle of a run of 25 intimate shows (playing to just 40 people per show) at New York’s world-famous Park Avenue Armory venue, Jamie xx today announces details of a brand new AA-sided single. The singl…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    12" £7.39

Finite World EP

8/10 according to our Clinton on 16th April 2014

Huddersfield’s Maia seem to do tremendously well amongst folk-loving sorts yet as yet remain relatively unheard of above sea level. Their previous album was a technicolour smorgasboard of sounds veering a little too closely towards disco-folk at times yet a number of extremely strong psychedelic folk pop songs saw it through. Onto …view full details.

  • Available on:
    10" £9.99, 10" £11.99

'He Cried'/ 'Your Kids Are Going To Love This'
No Joy / Marnie Stern

AER 1Marnie Stern 'Your Kids Are Going To Love This'No Joy 'He Cried'Limited edition of 500 copies on 7" black vinyl…view full details.


10/10 according to our Phil on 26th April 2012

Fact! This is one of the greatest albums ever made. …view full details.

  • Available on:
    LP £14.99

Tim Hecker

7/10 according to our Clinton on 11th October 2013

Virgins? I wonder what virgins have to do with this sonic soup? Hecker released an album a couple of years back called ‘Dropped Pianos’  - a phrase which kind of sums up the second track here, the spiralling-off-the-rails-maelstrom of ‘Virginal1’. It begins with the sound of a piano tumbling down a never-endi…view full details.

  • Available on:
    Double LP £18.19

Busy Earnin'

9/10 according to our Mike on 15th April 2014

Who are Jungle? The press release tells me there are two of them, sometimes expanding to a seven-piece live band, but I genuinely have no idea if any of these people photographed on the sleeve are actually playing any of the music on the record. It's a bit confusing. These guys impressed me with their last 7" though, and this new one isn't disap…view full details.

  • Available on:
    12" £7.39

Divide And Exit
Sleaford Mods

‘Divide And Exit’ sees Sleaford Mods once again released on the elusive Nottingham-based low-profile Harbinger Sound label. Once dismissed around their native Nottingham as "two skip rats with a laptop" the last 12 months has seen the …view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £11.89

Mr. Jolly Fucker / Tweet Tweet Tweet
Sleaford Mods

9/10 according to our Ian on 16th January 2014

As you may know,  Nottingham’s finest Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn aka Sleaford Mods have been creating a bit of a stir here at Norman HQ recently, it’s safe to say that these lads are definitely Marmite. This is a double A-side of two tracks that don’t feature on their ‘Austerity Dogs’ album so if…view full details.

  • Available on:
    7" £5.99

The Horrors

• Recorded over 15 months in the band’s East London studio-laboratory-bunker with co-producer Craig Silvey, it’s the follow-up to the band’s 2007 debut ‘Strange House’, the Mercury-nominated ‘Primary Colour…view full details.

  • Available to pre-order on:
    LP £16.79, LP £20.99

With Light And With Love

8/10 according to our Li'l Biz on 11th April 2014

It’s unlikely Woods will ever make an unlistenable or bad album, I just can’t see it happening. Generally, when reviewing Woods it’s just a matter of assessing whether Jeremy Earl and the lads maintain their typically high standards from release to release. I think they go from strength to strength and though evolution isn&rsqu…view full details.

  • Available on:
    LP £14.89

Fear Of Men

8/10 according to our Mike on 17th April 2014

Brighton’s Fear of Men drop their debut LP this week, an ambitious and sprawling piece which takes in elements of dreampop, coldwave and minimal indie rock for a delicately formed pop aesthetic which will appeal to fans of Broadcast and the Cocteau Twins and …view full details.

  • Available on:
    LP £14.79

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