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Back in: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra

7/10 according to our Ian on 16th January 2014

Formed by most of the key players in Godspeed You! Black Emperor ie. Efrim Menuck, Thierry Amar and Sophie Trudeau, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra have been creating music in one form or another for over 15 years now so this album is the culmination of a lot of hard work as a band and as gene…view full details.

  • Available on:
    LP £17.79

Anthology Of American Folk Music Volume Four: Rhythmic Changes

The fourth volume of the Anthology was never finished by Harry Smith.  He managed to choose and sequence the tracks but never submitted liner notes to Folkways. Revenant Records released a version of this volume in the late 1990's …view full details.

  • Available on:
    Double LP £35.99

Anthology Of American Folk Music Volume Three: Songs

The third volume of the Anthology focuses on individual expression. Intense personal songs.  Some of the greatest musical performances of all time.…view full details.

  • Available on:
    Double LP £35.99

Anthology Of American Folk Music Volume One: Ballads

The first volume of the Anthology focuses on ballads. Great murder ballads, lonesome love songs and songs of tragedy.  The American experience writ large and poetically.  Mississippi Records is proud to present a reproduction …view full details.

  • Available on:
    Double LP £35.99

Anthology Of American Folk Music Volume Two: Social Music

The second volume of the Anthology features music for sacred and secular social gatherings. Amazing fiddle breakdown, gospel performances, cajun tunes and dance songs. …view full details.

  • Available on:
    Double LP £35.99

The Lost Tapes

10/10 according to our Phil on 15th June 2012

Here's Phil's review for the original 3CD version in the box which is now gone. It’s a well known fact that Can are the best band that have ever existed. They’re a band that I’ve spent more time with than pretty much any other and over the last 20 or …view full details.

  • Available on:
    CD £19.99
Back in: Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Ricochet VIP

Released strictly on vinyl only, these two tracks from producer J:Kenzo are among his most requested and sought after VIP mixes. Magneto (Feel It) shows Kenzo's customary production details - shockingly minimal sound design, razo…view full details.

  • Available on:
    12" £6.59

No Me Quejo Estrella
Jonathan Richman

"He gave us the wine to taste it, not to talk about it." Jonathan asks us to let the songs "swim in their own water", like that desire of Coltrane to release a record with no liner notes whatsoever and let the music speak for itself. It's bet…view full details.

  • Available on:
    LP £16.49


Eros|Anteros" is the breathtaking follow up to Oathbreaker's critically acclaimed "Maelstrom" album (Deathwish 2011). Where "Maelstrom" acted as individual fragments of aural shrapnel, "Eros|Anteros" is a monstrous shockwave of sound. It is Oathbr…view full details.

  • Available on:
    LP £12.29

Everyday I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came

8/10 according to our Ian on 20th September 2013

Justin Broadrick has been busy playing with the newly reformed Godflesh but has found time in his schedule to bring us this latest record for his Jesu project, mixed by James Plotkin and recorded in his own Avalanche studios this is a much lighter affai…view full details.

  • Available on:
    LP £16.49

King of the Mountains

If the scattershot ideas of Melodic Records’ schizophrenically brilliant Manchester experimentalists Working From A Nuclear City seemed to be aural metaphors for a galactic explosion, then King Of The Mountains, the new project of their song…view full details.

  • Available on:
    CD £11.49

Songs of Lies and Deceit
The Lucid Dream

9/10 according to our Nathon on 29th June 2013

Been listening to this one loads over the past few weeks. And it has been lotsa fun! This album has been a long time in the making and if you've heard the singles that have dribbled out over the past few years, picking up some decent press and airtime from both the mainstream and more leftfield outfits, then you won't be hugely surprised…view full details.

  • Available on:
    CD £7.69

Doom Abuse
The Faint

Things that don't make sense at first often make sense later. In the creation of art, when the process is left up to the subconscious mind, when there is no preconceived concept, patterns still always emerge. Themes and recurring images, blur…view full details.

  • Available on:
    Double LP £32.99

Howling Bells

7/10 according to our Mike on 3rd April 2014

New 7" from the Howling Bells this week and it's a big shakey rock epic called 'Slowburn'. It's got jangly guitar and tambourine and Hammond and it rocks pretty hard. The vocals are quite slinky and there's a really cheeky little descending lead guitar bit in the chorus that I really like. It's basically epic '70s style power-pop but it's a soli…view full details.

  • Available on:
    7" £4.09

New Globe Notes
Mike Cooper

8/10 according to our Mike on 20th February 2014

The indefatigable Mike Cooper returns again this week with this beautifully presented LP which comes complete with a 32-page booklet full of notes and photographs. His 'White Shadows in the South Seas' CD last year left me thoroughly impressed so it's good to see his newie on my review pile. For those who aren't familiar with this vetera…view full details.

  • Available on:
    LP £15.79

Soil Steps
Orla Wren

7/10 according to our ReviewBot3000 on 3rd April 2014

Orla Wren's latest offering is a single epic track of collaged-together field recordings "gathered during long distane walking and camping trips throughout Spain and Portugal between 2010 and 2012", along with subtle musical touches like droney synths, tinkling music box, and plaintively twinkling electric guitar, while broken electronics someti…view full details.

  • Available on:
    CD £8.19

Black Coral Sprig
Talk West

8/10 according to our Mike on 18th March 2014

Here's my second CD of the day from the very lovely Preservation imprint. This one is by Talk West and contains eight tracks of anti-gravity ambience full of pillowy synth drones, plaintively plucked guitar and smudged vocal washes. The main feature on the record is the guitar, though. It's got so much reverb it sounds like it was record…view full details.

  • Available on:
    CD £9.99

Sophie Hutchings

8/10 according to our Ant on 5th August 2010

This is the debut album from this Australian pianist and it will have you reaching for the Kleenex as there are some tear inducing moments of beauty to behold. This lady is clearly a virtuoso with amazing writing and compositional skills. For the greater part of the album she plays solo however she is accompanied by drums, electric guitar, violi…view full details.

  • Available on:
    CD £13.39

Night Sky
Sophie Hutchings

8/10 according to our Clinton on 31st August 2012

Right then, who needs some gorgeous neoclassical stuff, concocted with trilling piano and some truly breathtaking strings? Anyone? This is to be filed along similar recordings  by Dustin O Halloran, …view full details.

  • Available on:
    CD £12.59

con_cetta vs MonoLogue

7/10 according to our Ian on 30th January 2014

New on Time Released Sound is this split LP between Con_Cetta (Giuseppe Cordaro) and Monologue (Marie e le Rose), the tracks alternate between the two artists throughout the album giving it an almost mixed feel to it, the music is based on an imaginary soundtrack to the Virginia Woolf biography ‘Orlando’. Both artists give a differen…view full details.

Richard Moult & David Colohan

7/10 according to our Clinton on 3rd January 2014

As usual with Time Released Sound you get two versions of this. A digipack retailing at under a tenner and a limited edition at over £30.  At just 75 copies and composed of original pages from a 100 year old book on the work of the obscure 15th century printer and illustrator, Anton Sorg its probably pretentious enough to provoke inte…view full details.

You're An Art Soul
Cavern of Anti-Matter

Tracklist A1 You're An Art Soul (Version) A2 Blood-Drums B Sound Magic's Death Ray Destroys The Vortex And Has Union With Infinity (Version) limited to 320 copies. Released by Martin Pike (ex Ster…view full details.

Morning Phase

8/10 according to our Clinton on 20th February 2014

Every few years Beck does the decent thing and releases an album of haunting acoustic tracks, usually when he’s had a relationship break up or is in the middle of some kind of crisis or other.This album seems to have come following several wilderness years for Mr Han…view full details.

  • Available on:
    LP £20.79

Drone Logic
Daniel Avery

8/10 according to our Phil on 4th October 2013

Despite pretty much just listening to electronic music these days I rarely write about it. I don’t really know why that is but looking at the records I’ve listened to and enjoyed the most this year they all seem to be electronic. Daniel Avery is a new name to me but it looks like he’s been knocking about for a while and has gar…view full details.

  • Available on:
    Double LP £14.79
Back in: Monday 21st April 2014

At Action Park

Shellac At Action Park is Shellac's first LP. Previously the band released "The Rude Gesture (a pictorial history)", "Uranus" and "The Bird Is The Most Popular Finger", all seven inch 45s. They are all still available.The album was rec…view full details.

  • Available on:
    CD £9.99 - on sale!

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